How do people celebrate TET Holiday in Mekong Delta?
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    Feb 02, 2019

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It's called Tet! Tet holiday!!!

And the people of Mekong have the song like this: Tết, tết, tết, tết đến rồi. Tết đến trong tim mọi người = Tết is coming, Tết comes in everyone's heart :)

prepare for Tet.jpg

Preparing for Tet

Everybody always wait to Tết, because it's a long vacation, it is time for everyone to sit together to chat, have fun. And Tet in Mekong has many interesting and unique things to discover.

It’s a yellow season in Mekong Delta!

Yellow yellow … every where. During the Tet holiday season, you will meet a brilliant yellow of many kinds of flowers, fruits, cakes in Mekong delta. If the peach flower is the symbol of Tet in the north, then the yellow apricot flower is its counterpart in the South.

Untitled design.png

Yellow apricot blossom. Credit to: Van Hiep



Hoa Mai (Yellow apricot blossom)

In Vietnamese, "mai" sounds like "may mắn" it's means luck. Therefore, “hoa mai” yellow apricot flowers such as flowers bring luck, fortune, wealth and prosperity.

Also, “mai” means “tomorrow”. Some people like to prefer it as the flower of tomorrow - meaning a flower of new hope

Each year, when my father preparing to pick up this leaves, meaning that Tet is coming. Most of the houses in Mekong decorated with yellow apricot trees, chrysanthemum pots, kumquat tree, a couple of yellow watermelon (although the watermelon have two types are green and yellow but the yellow fruit preferred, they think that yellow will bring good luck for the coming year)


Flower farm in Mekong (credit to Cuong In)

Flower market every where

cho hoa.jpg

Flower Market

Only in the Mekong, flower markets are everywhere, either in a vacant lot or along a riverbank. Flowers be placed on the boat and move all over the place. Flowers is tropical flowers, with many different styles, types and prices for people to easily choose. Flower shopping and choosing the most beautiful flowers to decorate in the home is the traditional culture of families in the South. With international guests coming to Me Kong on the Lunar New Year, it is time to explore the special culture in there.


Floating Flower Market (Credit to Dzung Viet Le)

Special food

During Vietnamese Tết, family members would gather together and enjoy some delicious foods. Such as Bánh Tet, Meat Stewed in Coconut Juice, Crispy Vietnamese Pancake, Kho Qua Ham Thit …

Untitled design.jpg

Banh Tet (credit to

Bánh tét is a must have traditional food in Vietnamese Lunar New Year. It demonstrates importance of rice in the Vietnamese culture as well as historical value.

Kho Qua Ham Thit = Stewed Bitter Melon with Ground Pork, with Vietnamese “Kho”= difficult thing, “qua”= pass


Meat Stewed in Coconut Juice and Kho Qua Ham Thit. Credit to Lerin

“Kho qua”= difficult thing passed, wich means to say goodbye to the old and welcome the new thing, lucky thing.


Many different types of food prepared in Tet Holiday (Credit to Lerin)

Have dinner with a traditional meal, drink tea, eat banh tét, jam, eat melon seeds and talk about the past and the plans to come. It is probably the most wonderful, warmest moment that you will be experiencing if you come to Me Kong delta on Tet holiday.

And discover unique manners culture

Tet is an occasion for every Vietnamese to have a good time while thinking about the last year and the next year. During Tet, I spends more time on visiting my relatives, friends and colleagues. Especially, I give to each other the best wishes for the new year. Tet is an opportunity for children receive lucky money. There is a funny thing that people try to avoid argument or saying any bad things at Tet. You can also receive lucky money if you visit their home and Exchage New year’s wish.

bao li xi.jpg

Lucky money is kept in Red envelope (credit to Hung Tran)

People living in the Mekong Delta are extremely friendly and hospitable. Especially, on occasion of New Year everyone happy and give each other the best. Would you like to experience a Lunar new year in Me Kong? Fortunately, I am also live in Me Kong, my hometown is Dong Thap province. Hey hey! Right now, you can plan to go to Me Kong on Tet holiday with me and team Ask Vietnamese!!

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